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Burrows Design Co.

I'm a logo & branding designer based in the UK with just about 20 years of design experience.

What began as a little side project in logo, branding, and inspiration resulted in the creation of the Burrows Design Company, offering logos, branding and graphic design services to the local area.

From Humble Beginnings

It's 1999, and a young, fearless though diffident young man joins what was then a small team of creatives.

My working journey began with a 1-week placement, mocking up in a relatively small design studio. My skills proved so versatile, my time there was extended to a month, and finally freelanced for a further six months.

Initially, the magic happened with the good old pencil, ruler, and scalpel, expertly cutting and sticking. Packaging design was my thing and I loved what paper offered as a substrate.

Slowly but surely, the Apple Macintosh was introduced, and with it, Adobe Illustrator and the Wacom tablet. A whole new world opened up.

From packaging design and photography, through to logo and website creation, this diversity and the need to challenge myself have been key drivers in helping to broaden my skill base and keeping my passion for design strong.

The rest, as they say is history. Now, nearly 20 years later, here I am!

An exciting time ahead, bolstered by the chance of new adventures, shared experiences and plenty more new stuff to learn!

If you like the style of my work, perhaps I could help on your next project? - I'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to get it touch.

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Trying to keep it simple in logo & brand design